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(Updated to V1.2 March 20, 2002 - See below -
Please make sure that a V1.2 is in the bottom right hand corner,
if it isn't you may have to refresh your cache)

Yupah! I finally finished something I started! GOOP sorta stands for German Out-Of-Print, and refers to OOP German boardgames!

This is my first one, and it's Can't Stop. This is just a quick page, so I won't elaborate on the many others out there that are probably easier to visualize and better AI and whatnot than mine (but they are on my Brett & Komputer link!). However, since it's in FLASH, MAC people can also play this!

About Can't Stop
Can't Stop is a dice rolling board game created by Sid Sackson. It is quite addictive, and my wife loves this game, which is why I programmed it in Flash for her. It is infinitely more fun playing it with other people, and this little program is not intended to replace the board game in any way.

- Flash 5
- Don't know the CPU speed, because I don't know how intensive it is!
- But the whole program is about 50k! I like flash!

The program is currently in beta, if you find any bugs, please e-mail me at: ebtgamer@yahoo.com. Since this is done in my free time, and all I do is play starcraft, it may take a while for me to look at these bugs. Don't take it personally.

Version Changes
V1.2 2002/03/20 (Let's make the game follow the rules)

Thanks to those of you who pointed out these errors, I did get around to fixing them, and sorry for any misconceptions of the game I may have caused!


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