Ekko moments

I wish sometimes I could really capture the beauty of your face when it is bright with delight. Like this afternoon when I came to pick you up after school and you beat it straight through the schoolyard to me, jumped up and wrapped your legs around my waist. The other mom standing by me couldn’t help but grin too at the smile of pure joy on your face. It is so nice to be loved by you my Ekko.

This morning you had ballet so we did our usual crazy run to the bus. Then quickly dressed you in your ballerina slippers and tutu (Zoe held out your slippers and was hollering “quick, quick, step in them”). You danced your little heart out, got a sticker and then ran to the library with us to read a few stories before we had to run home for lunch, get snack ready, and take you off to school. It is priceless having you in my life little girl and your face is so transparent as you experience emotion. I love to see that joy on you and to see you light up with delight. Your favourite part of all these Friday mornings is the time in the library. If you could choose, you would go to the library every day of the week. Books are great. I like reading to you too (except you are starting to want to read longer stories and Zoe gets bored with your choices!). Love you darling. – Mommy