Fall Fun

Well, Saturday was a great relaxing day for us all! Ra Ra came and joined us for lunch, and then afterwards, helped rake up leaves! We were going to buy a rake, but there were none at Canadian Tire, well, there weren’t any that were of a decent price, and in the end, we just borrowed the neighbours. They lent us two rakes, and then all of us, yes, even Daddy, did some rake fun.

You were excited, because you wanted to jump in the leaves. A great big pile of wet leaves filled with sharp sticks and probably bugs and rats. Why anyone finds this fun is beyond me. In fact, once we were finished raking, you and Ra Ra were having a ball in the leaves, being buried in them, throwing them at each other, it was the perfect fall picture. I took a number of snapshots and will upload it to the photo site soon.

In the end, our yard was cleared of leaves, you were all tired out, and mommy was happy to get another chore done.  Personally, I think the leaves look great on the ground, but I don’t think the neighbours do.  🙂

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  1. Alrighty, since my other comment was too BORING 😉 I will leave a better comment this time– hopefully, less boring. I think your new layout is really cool!!! and, of course, the fact that it’s updated a lot….very noice now I will come here often!! It’s fun to see the pictures of the cousins…seeing how things are going in your family. You got all the fall weather up there, it’s 90 here today! Anyway, I miss you guys! Happy American Thanksgiving!

    Ok…Uncle Errol……..this was not an A+ job BUT one of my first posts ever anywhere, (besides the one above). I will try to practice more in the future……

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