Maggot Videos

I sent mommy a video about this British woman who had a huge maggot stuck in her head, and she showed it to you! It was gross! You were talking how you saw this gross worm in this woman’s head. *laugh* I didn’t think mommy would show you that.

But then again, she’s fascinated by that stuff. What a beauty that mommy is.

I could put a link to that maggot video, but it’s pretty gross. The thing was huge though! I mean, by maggot standards. We’re not talking rice sized little maggot, this thing was the size of a shrimp! Well, not one of those big jumbo shrimps, probably those little ones you find in cheap fried rice, but it was big, and yellow and all disgusting like.

Mommy has all sorts of stories of gross skin infection/disease stuff like that. Just ask her! She could tell you all sorts of stories. She tells me… that’s for sure. I want others to experience the fun too.