Pic of the Day: Segway

I don’t recall ever putting this pic up. This was at an open house that CTWorkshop did a few years back. You were only two at the time, I think, maybe 3.

CTWorkshop rented a segway, and I figured you could try it out, which you did. Mind you, you had to be at least 60 pounds to ride it, and I think you were, oh, 20 or so. But you rode it back and forth and had a fun time… I think. Well, I had a fun time. 🙂

However, don’t try this at home! You should always wear proper protective gear when you try dangerous things like this. Unlike your bunk beds, when you and Zoe grab on to the top bunk and then swing like monkeys, scaring me all the time. Sure, you guys have stronger handholds than I would, but still, the bunkbed is metal!

You’re so cute in this picture.