DDR and Totoro

Well, it’s Thursday night, and so that means calling Aunti Leezet, “Slide” and watching TV.  But we also did some DDR, because Ekko really wanted to play.  Zoe wanted to watch “My Neighbor Totoro” again, and so since Ekko doesn’t go for too long, I told her to wait until Ekko got tired.

Ekko likes to change into her shorts when she does DDR.  At least, she likes to change into her shorts when she remembers.  Anyways poor Ekko isn’t that good at DDR, but you at least know where the arrows are, that’s a lot better than how you used to be.  That rhythm thing gives you problems though.  I don’t know why when you go on the internet, you find all these 4 year olds that can do all sorts of things, and you can’t even clap in time!  What’s up with that?  *laugh*  I’m kidding Ekko.  Hopefully in ten years, this won’t be an issue or anything, else I’d be in a lot of trouble.

This pic I took was great though, because it has you doing DDR, and has Zoe waiting with the Totoro video in her arm.

Zoe, you’re actually rather patient about these things, and you’re darn cute.  You are one stinky little girl, I don’t know what you do for eating but it’s pretty nasty stuff.  Only thing I don’t like about Thursdays is that diaper changing thing.  Nasty!  You wanted to wear shorts too, but could I find any?  No.  I eventually found something you liked, it’s like coveralls or something, but not really.  I don’t know what you guys call these new fangled clothes.

Ekko, you are currently watching me type!  Everytime you see your name, you yell it out, and you recognize the ‘th’ in ‘the’.  We read together sometimes, but you don’t get the concept of putting letters together to make words.  You can say them individually, but putting it together to make one whole word is lost on you!  Sesame Street makes it look easy, but you have no clue yet.  I don’t even know how to teach you how to do that.  Well, maybe everyone will give me all sorts of clues.

Anyways, it’s great to be with you girls, I missed you guys today.  I just love seeing you guys smile and giggle.  Zoe, you and were laughing this morning.  I don’t know why, I don’t think you know why, but it’s great to see you laugh.

One of these days, we have to change the phone answering machine to include you Zoe!

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  1. And what’s “DDR”? Well, it’s the abbreviation for the former eastern German state, but I don’t think you can play that…

    You know, reading this webpage really get’s me educated!!!

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