A Visit to the Doc

So we went off to the doctor today for your five year old check up. Dr. Goldbach has been your specialist since you were weeks old. Anyway today he was happy to see you again. He was testing things like “how do you spell your name”, and “write the letter q” and “count to twenty” and that sort of stuff. Then he was asking about your social skills. He wanted to know if you interact well with other kids. One of his comments was on how secure you seem in yourself. He was very impressed and pleased with that. He said it was obvious when he watched you interacting with other kids in the waiting room. A couple of times he said “oh if only we had known this would turn out so well three years ago”. He loves admiring how marvellously well you are. He asked if we had you in any sports. I told him that you do ballet and swimming. He was shocked at the ballet and commented how hard that is. But you love it so you keep trying. And he was encouraging us to all remember that you probably won’t be able to do any sport competitively but that we need to make sure you have fun with sports. So far you seem to have loads of fun.  Oh and then he was asking about your fine motor skills and wondering if your hands tire quickly holding a pencil or something.  I had to laugh and it was at that point he noticed the purple on your hand, the orange on your nose and the blue and green on your shirt sleeve.  Crafts could keep you busy all day!  It is so nice to see you be so healthy my darling.  You also got your five year old booster and behaved so well that you got to pick out two stickers.  In your loving sort of way, you picked out a Dora one for yourself and a Strawberry Shortcake one to take home for Zoe.  It sure made Zoe happy!

Oh I do so love you.  – Mommy

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