My girls are gorgeous

Ya, I don’t have anything really to say, except Keren took this picture of the girls in Calgary as they were sleeping. They were locked in this cute (albeit uncomfortable looking) embrace.

They sure love each other.

And they love to tattle on each other as well. We have this snuffer, which unscrews, and Zoe unscrewed it.

Ekko starts yelling, “Zoe broke it!”
Dove asks, “Who broke the snuffer?”
Zoe replies, “Might be me.”

Good thing it’s easily fixed, but Zoe doesn’t understand the full consequences of things breaking. Her usual response when she breaks things is, “That’s ok.”

That’s why I keep my stuff on high shelves.

P.S. Like my Star Wars pillows? I had those when I was a kid. I sure wish my parents kept my LEGO.