Wild Hair Day

So there’s this danceathon at your school, Ekko, on Thursday, Feb 1st.  The theme was ‘Wild Hair’, and you had to collect money. We don’t have any rich friends, nor do we have a community of people we can easily leach off of and feel good about ourselves afterwards, so we skipped on the whole ‘money collection’ part, but you sure had fun with the hair.

You, Zak, and Sophie (your close friends at school) all decided to have red hair for the dance, and so that pic was the result.

I think you had fun. Mommy told me three times during work that I needed to bathe you kids. And when I got home, you told me you guys needed a bath (I don’t think mommy trusts my memory).

I washed your hair twice. The bath was red, your body was stained red, it would make a good horror flick, if you’re into that sorta thing.

Funny thing, you like hot water, Zoe doesn’t. It was a battle getting Zoe to sit down. In then end, you guys had fun. I don’t like the pungent smell of that foam stuff you use. It stinks.

Anyways, the moral of this post is: watch out for mimes.