Last night Ekko was trying very hard to learn how to skip. It wasn’t working very well and she was getting very frustrated. I tried to explain that everybody learns different things at different rates. So just because her friends at school might be able to skip better than she can doesn’t mean she’s dumb. I went on to explain that Daddy could play the piano and mommy can’t.
Zoe interupted and assured me that I could play the piano. “all you need to do is sit down by the piano and put your fingers on the things and wiggle them like this. that’s how you play it”.

Ekko didn’t find this funny enough to cheer up but Mommy and Daddy both did! – Love you girls – Mommy

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  1. That’s so funny!!!

    Poor, poor Ekko and skipping… It’s hard when you’re five years old. When you get older, you kind of focus less on the “doing what everyone else does”, but rather the “enjoying whatever you do” part. I can’t catch thinsg very well, and it was even worse when I was a kid. So I practised too. But nowadays I learn to play the flute, even so I’m rhythmically challenged, to put it mildly. I have to practise. And I still get it wrong. But I’m having fun! So hang in there, little Ekko! You’ll learn skipping! It just takes time to practise. After all, you’re the kid that could jump at an age that doctors said it wasn’t possible!!!

    Take care and lots of love,

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