I wanted to do something creative today…

… and I didn’t.

Well, I tried to. And of course, that sent me off on a whole tangent of stuff. Which reminds me of a post by Cory Doctorow, but I’ll get to that afterwards.

My children were enjoying my Geek Love Song video, and that makes me pleased. I am glad they like to sing it. Initially, they were watching baby videos on youtube, as Dove was telling me, and then they brought up my video. And Ekko realized that my videos were on youtube as well, and with wide excited eyes she asked, “Is Daddy cool?”


Little does she know that anyone that can point a camera in a general direction (and even this is not a necessity) can post a video to youtube. But it is fun to be a hero in your kid’s eyes. That won’t last long. I can imagine Bono’s kids at school hoping their dad doesn’t embarass them as teachers throng to meet him.

So my video got me wondering, how can I make it go viral? I did some research, found a lot of articles, saw that it would take a ton of work, and went on to something else.

And that ‘something else’ would be the banner for Creative Geeks. I didn’t want to keep it as the greek letters. But I liked the paper background look, and initially I wanted to go for sketches of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man and maybe pixelize it.

And then I tried to come up with something that epitomizes creativity, and the best I could come up with was a light bulb. So I did a search on ‘creative geniuses’ and didn’t find anything to my liking.

I also skirted with the idea of manganizing Mona Lisa, or maybe transforming her into a cyborg, but that would have taken a lot of time and effort for poor results.

And so I’m still stuck without a banner.

But I did go for fish and chips today with my guitarist, and hopefully he will find time to do the guitar part of my latest song. And I also sent it to my drummer. It’s the 27th today. February 1st is this Sunday and I wanted to get all 10 songs done by then, so here’s hoping.

Thus ends my day. I am tired after last night. I think I’m going to bed at a rather early hour of 11pm, and play some Warcraft Tower Defense on my DS.