Creative Genius: Ian Peacock unravels the myth, science and psychology behind creativity.

This is an interesting programme aired in 2005 on BBC Radio. It’s about an hour and a half in length, split into 3 parts, so if you have time you should give it a listen!

There are some really interesting points brought up, a few I know some of you would find controversial. I wish I took notes. The interview I got from the BBC Radio 4 website:

But I’ve made available here for you to listen so you don’t have to suffer through downloading the Real Audio Player. 😀 Yes, that’s how much I love you.

Programme 1

In the first programme Ian finds out why the evolution of language and the use of metaphor kick started human creativity, paving the way for cave art and modern civilisation. He also finds out why computers could be the artists and writers of the 22nd century.


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Programme 2

Creativity unlocked. In the second programme Ian talks to the scientist who’s invented a magnetic thinking cap which could make creative geniuses of us all and meets the man who after a stroke, can’t stop his craving to paint, sculpt and write poetry. On his search for Xanadu he finds out why creativity is unleashed in some kinds of brain damage and how neuroscience is shedding light on the mystery of creativity,


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Programme 3

How can you be more creative? In the third programme Ian finds out what strategies and techniques he can borrow from business and beyond to maximise his own creativity. He talks an advertising agency to find out how they think up their best ideas, and finds out why businesses are using poets and artists to improve their productivity.


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If someone wishes to take notes, please do. There are a few things in this interview I think is worthy of discussion. 😀

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