5 Stikfas Animation Tutorial

I decided to tackle Chroma Keying in After Effects, and thus the white background. Yes, it could have been something utterly cool, like Hoth, but I’m starting small here.

I was at Walmart and found a huge green poster board, so I used that as my greenscreen. I find I’m not really sure how to use the Key Effect, but I will post a brief video tutorial on how I made the above vid. This IS an animation tutorial after all, so I figure I may as well try and make it helpful to people.

There are a lot of frames in this one, but a lot of it is just stikfas standing still as the director talks, so there wasn’t a lot of animating. Except for the stupid kung fu posing Manny tried to do and I tried to animate. His arms were falling off. *sigh* Either joints are too loose or too tight.

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