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Normal bloggers blog about things the day of, or even while they are in the airport or on the plane. Not me. I am just going to take this one day at a time.

Saturday night, we were sitting in the airport, waiting for our plane to leave at around 10:45pm. Their was a jungle gym for the kids, which was good, because they had to be entertained and I had my DS to play. Did I mention to anyone that I was playing Civ Revolution on my DS? Well, within Civ, you can win four ways, Domination, Cultural, Economic or Technology. Every time you do, you get a little gold icon for the current race you have won with. There are sixteen races, and I have collected 4 icons for 14 of them. Who knows what happens when you win them all. Probably nothing, but it is a worthy goal.

Oh yes, I was talking about our trip.

It was an overnight flight to Frankfurt. 8 hours. We flew with Air Transat, and they are quite kid friendly. Can you believe that when we first came in to register they moved us to the fasttrack line because we had kids? We noticed other families with kids but they didn’t get pushed to the front like we did! So we zipped through.

And not only that, we easily went through customs! What with all these ethnic folk we’re going with (myself and Thebes), we had no problems. Our airport experience was great!

The kids did well. In fact, I think they got the most sleep. I had Ekko, and my job for the night was to keep her from kicking the man beside her. Zoe was having a hard time sleeping, and Dove tried her best to sleep while sitting on the edge of the chair while zoe was spread out. In the end, however, Zoe went to the floor and got a solid 4 hours.

Myself, my butt was sore from 2 hours in, and Ekko spent half her night wiggling about and drooling on me, so I didn’t get much sleep. Plus, every time I opened my eyes, I would see Twilight. Or Marley and Me. Two movies I did not wish to see.

From watching the snippets I saw without sound, it looked like “Marley and Me” was about how awful it was to have a dog. “Twilight” looked like someone was having too much fun matching saturation levels with the current emo mood of the onscreen characters. I don’t know the main actress’s name, but I think the only emotion she needed to master was pouting. Not once did I see fangs. I even watched 5 minutes of it just to see some fangs. Or some sparkling vampires. Didn’t see either. Rather disappointed.

The kids were happy. We got a meal at midnight, and they also got a barf bag of goodies. Well, it looked like a barf bag, but inside they put some toys for the kids. Very nice of them. And they got free headphones too! We had to pay $2 to get headphones, and I wasn’t about to pay that just to hear the Twilight crew pout.

Ekko got some plane with a little game on it that didn’t work. Zoe got stickers. They were both content.

The flight was uneventful and we finally arrived in Germany at 12:30pm! Huzzah!

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