#reverb10 26: Soul Food

What did you eat this year that you will never forget? What went into your mouth & touched your soul?

Now we’re talking!! I love food a lot. Some days, I will remember what we’re having for dinner, and I will be happy all day. I will list food I like. I also include pictures. Warning: this will make you hungry. It sure is making me hungry.

Molasses Bread: Thick, Dark, Rich loaves of AWESOME
Saag Paneer: Something the cow spit up? I don't like spinach, I don't like cheese. Put them together and I CANNOT get enough of this stuff. My favourite Indian dish.
Pho: Ok, I'm beginning to hate this prompt because I'm getting SO HUNGRY. I also like the spicy version. MMMMM....
Moroccan food: Merguez sausages, Kofta kabobs, Moroccan Tea is pictured. All to die for.
Korean Barbecue: All you can eat meat. Really, what more do I have to say?
Dim Sum: There are people who don't like Dim Sum. Those people have no souls.
Ethiopian Cuisine: My girls request this for their birthday. I really like that cabbage thing...
Shawarma: AUUGH! This is just reminding me I haven't had one in MONTHS! AUUUGHHH!!!
Beef with Black Bean Sauce and Rice Noodles: Is there anything rice CAN'T do?

Oh yes, I have whole post on bologna sandwiches from a past #reverb10 prompt. I also ate camel! Yum!

Ok, guys, this is KILLING me. I can’t continue. I’m tooooo hungry. I need lunch.

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