Daddy told me to write again!

Hey dolly.  We had a great day at the zoo yesterday.  It rained so we were a bit damp but boy it was fun.  Hardly anybody else was there so we got to see a lot of neat animals.  It’s fun watching you get so excited.  At one point you were playing peek-a-boo with a monkey.  He would take a… Read more →

Comics Ported Over

Finally, I finished porting the comics over, and I made it so that you get to the new everything ekko site.My butt still hurts.Thinking of making the photos private, but I will put up a page warning you before that happens, or when it happens.

Day two for daddy’s biking

Day two and Daddy rode his bike to work again.  WOW!  We are proud of Daddy.  Daddy has been bugging Mommy to write another letter.  This is a busy week for us.  Today we are going to the zoo with Uncle Paul.  Tomorrow we are going to St Jacob’s with Marion.  Thursday is music class.  Friday you have a reassessment… Read more →

Good Grief & Biking

Over 400 hits.  We have over four hundred hits to this site, and it’s because YOU, my dear readers, want to read things that I didn’t write.  You want to read the letters that Dove writes!  She doesn’t believe me, and I still get on her case from time to time, so don’t worry, I will get her to write… Read more →

Best girl

I know I just wrote an Ekko letter but I have to write another quick note.  You and Mommy were on the subway together and you looked up at me with the biggest smile.  You said “you’re the best mommy”.  I thanked you and gave you a kiss.  Then you said “Ekko has best mommy, best daddy, best auntie and… Read more →

More Updates

As you can see, I’m slowly moving stuff over to this site.  Most of everything ekko has been ported, and I eventually will for the rest of it.Trying to work on a component for comics, but it’s slow going.  I’ll get around to it though.  I will.But the forums are finally up.  It’s using simple board.  It’s simple, a bit… Read more →

Big sister

Today is Thursday which means it is one of your favourite days of the week.  First off we had music class.  We sang your song about pussy willows and we got to do husha-husha we all fall down!  It was quite exciting.  You were so happy that for one of the songs you actually went and sat on the teacher’s… Read more →

everything ekko & pics

Well, I’m doing a bunch of things to the website again.  I’ve tweaked the Photo module so that it shows even more pictures as you can see to the right.I’m also going to port everything ekko here, mainly because all the letters and stuff are going to be posted on the front page now.  I’m in the middle of the… Read more →

I love my girl!

You are so tired today.  Yesterday was Sunday and for some reason you were wound up.  No getting you to nap!  Even after Daddy held you in bed and made you cry.  As soon as we let you up, who did you want to sit with?  Daddy!  You love your Daddy so much.  Anyway, today you are tired and sleeping… Read more →

Praise Night & Updates

Well, I wanted to have random pics from the gallery pop up on the front page, and unfortunately, there wasn’t a module written for it (to let you guys know, you can add modules and components which extend the functionality of your website, which is why I have all this junk on the front page).Anyways, I was so wanting a… Read more →