er·rol  noun \ˈer-əl, ˈa-rəl\

1. geeky, uxorious, and ludic!

Allo, my name is Errol!

My apologies, I rarely update this site. My projects span a number of other websites and I have trouble keeping those up!

Current Projects

  • Puzzle Designer – I have given classes and seminars on puzzle design, and keep a number of articles on my infrequently visited website I am one of the main designers on the Cryptex Hunt.
  • Webcomic Artist – I have a daily webcomic called My Neighbor Errol about my nerd life with two teenage girls and a normal wife.
  • Escape Room Enthusiast – I am heavily involved in the escape room community. I co-host the escape room podcast Room Escape Divas, help compile the annual Escape Room Enthusiast Survey, am on the board for the Top Escape Room Project, and you may find me as a mod of multiple escape room related social media platforms.
  • Musician – I sometimes perform and do Filk but that’s usually with my daughter Zoe.

You can find me on Facebook, TwitterLinkedin, and Youtube.

My friend wrote a post about me which is embarrassing, but she’s amazing! Debbie Ohi with 10 Things About Me She Loves.

Past Projects

Other Hobbies