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3 Germany – Tourist things, like the Schloß

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

I slept in.

Slept in pretty late too.

There was good reason for this, I was up reading Neil Gaiman’s “The Graveyard Book”. It was very good, and I was two pages from being done when Zoe started whimpering in her sleep, which woke up Dove and signaled her that I still wasn’t asleep yet.

She told me to go to bed, and so, with two pages left in the book, and a will made of IRON, I went to bed.

There was a reason why I was reading a book and not playing my DS. The adapter on my DS didn’t work even with the funny German prongy thingy to convert it was plugged in. So no power, no DS, no conquering civilizations.

Anyway, it is our third day in Germany, and we went to Heidelberg. There is a famous castle there, and we visited it.

This is the Heidelberg Schloß. It is a castle that is about 600 years old and is one of the most famous tourist places in Germany.

It also houses this large barrel. It was very large. I’d show you pictures, but Thebes didn’t take pictures of the barrel because of some barrel prejudice of hers. But she did take a picture of a very large protractor that was beside the barrel. I guess you would need one of those if you were making something round like a barrel.

There was a neat tram that brought you up to the top of the hill where the castle was. It would have brought you back down too if you hadn’t lost your ticket. Which I had. So I walked down with Dietmar because the rest of them didn’t think I could find my way down.

It was cool though, a very steep cobblestone walkway that ran the length of the castle exemplifying how impenetrable it was.

Then we went for Italian food. I had spaghetti with salmon. Mmmmm… salmon.

And, for desert, they had spaghetti ice cream. The girls were quite excited about this. You can get icecream that’s been squeezed through one of those noodle things. Then they put strawberry sauce on top and sprinkle on some coconut and voila! Spaghetti ice cream! Very cool. The girls were squealing about it for hours.

And finally, I should mention Ron.

Ron is the rabbit that lives in a hutch outside of Sara’s house. She lives in a small townhouse and I think there are two other families that share that house. One of them has two kids, and they have Ron.

The girls love Ron. They go down every day and check out Ron and see if they can feed Ron. Ron looks vicious, but he doesn’t bite anyone. I tested. I put my fingers in the hutch and Ron failed to bite me. This was good, because the world is filled with dangerous things and the last thing I want is a huge medical bill because my girls got rabies from some rabbit.

This is Ron.