4 Germany – Ulm Time

It is wednesday and we are now in Langenau.

We were staying at Sara’s place, but the wedding itself is in Langenau, where Dietmar lives, so we’ve moved to his house. It also has a CO2 spritzer, so we’re happy. It also has electric venetian blinds. They are very cool.

One thing I have forgotten to mention is spelt. Thea is allergic to a lot of things, like wheat, but she can eat spelt. In Germany, spelt is called “dinkel”. I can’t stop talking about the dinkels. I think it’s the coolest thing ever.

Langenau is near Ulm, which has a Münster. It is the tallest church in the world, but it isn’t a cathedral because of how bishop’s don’t sit in it. We didn’t climb it, and it was cold and damp. But it was very cool. And large.

I was able to get Zoe to sing inside the church, but I tried not to be too loud in case that was considered rude in german culture. But Zoe did write out a prayer and hung it up in the church: “Thanks. Hallelujah God for Germany. From Zoe.” Good thing she clarified who it was from, it was a big church and all. She made sure it didn’t fall down by securing it with 8 tacks. That’s my girl.

We walked along the city wall of Ulm too, and visited the game store! Huzzah! I didn’t know what to buy though, so I will have to return. We did stop off in an Abt store, which is an all purpose store. They had boardgames too and Kuhhandel! I bought it for Matt, whether he wants it or not.

Oh, and the best thing I found was the public washroom. It cost 30 cents to use and had this cool ‘swoosh’ sound as the doors opened, like it was a bathroom from Star Trek:

It’s so clean and it played music while I was doing my business. It also warned me that if I didn’t complete in time, it would open the doors on me.

When I was done, it closed and then you could hear it disinfect itself from the soiling of the Errol. All in all, it was a very enjoyable and I highly recommend this toilet for everyone to use. Five stars!

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