Storypraxis Reject: falling through ice

Storypraxis is a site which encourages you to write everyday and they post it on their blog. Of courses, not every story gets accepted, so I will post my rejects here!

When I’m out enjoying a good meal and consuming more liquids than is appropriate, nothing gives me more joy than discovering ice cubes in the urinal.

I delight in their slow destruction.

Snow is not satisfying. Writing your name is all well and good, but considering the temperature, being exposed to the elements while doing a bad rendition of the hokey pokey is the quickest way to frostbite in places that shouldn’t see the sun.

But ice cubes! I imagine them as taking this one final stand against a powerful adversary. The relentless barrage, however, is too much and they yield to my powerful assault. I crush whatever structural integrity they once had and the ice collapses inward. Letting out a mighty cry of triumph, I continue, celebrating as each cube goes down.

And then it’s over and I’m drained, both in spirit and body.

Freud would probably find this normal. Most would find this disturbing. At least I don’t try it on my kid’s LEGO.