November SHOULD be for just Nanowrimo

This should be my sign for November:

I should be writing

But it’s not.

I seem to be doing all sorts of stuff except writing for Nanowrimo. I have videos for nanowrimo, I am helping with the nanowrimo comics, I am trying to keep the Toronto Nano site updated, but am I writing for my own novel? No! 😀

Originally, I wanted program a game in Inform 7. That would have been all sorts of cool and then I could have put that in my header of my website instead of that stupid thing there now. However, Ekko loves chapter books. So I decided I would write her and Zoe a story. I’ve been doing it on my ipad, so I went out and bought a bluetooth keyboard for it! I am trying not to buy too many things for it, but I am weak.

Now, what else is keeping me occupied? Is it daily, passionate love making? No!

Pic from iPad!
First off is Storypraxis. A prompt is given everyday, and you write for about ten minutes on that prompt. Of course, with editing, I tend to go longer than ten minutes, but it’s just a way to get that atrophied brain doing something other than thinking of Smurf reruns! At least, that’s how it is for me. And every day, the editor of Storypraxis will choose the best of the lot and place it in his Storypraxis Magazine. I had some of my stuff chosen, but that’s because there were only like 5 entries. There seems to be at least ten or more entries per prompt now, so it may be that they default to not reading mine. *sigh* You can also comment on the stories, so, feel free to critique and tell me that I should just stick to adoring my wife. That’s the only skill I seem to have.


Running. Really?

I’ve taken up running and have been desperately trying to get out more than once week. What’s the best part of running? Telling other people that know me, that I run. I was talking to my friend Jamie, and he asked what I did that afternoon. He tried guesses of playing boardgames and sleeping, because normally those would be right, but I told him that I went for a run.





“A run? Really?”

He almost made it to the fourth ‘really’ before I broke out laughing. And now, I post all my running on Daily mile. My cousin and I have a bet each month to see who can run the most. Last October, she won. This November, she’ll probably win again. What a stupid bet. Oh, here are my daily mile stats. I can’t believe I’ve only burned 3 lbs! At least that works out to about 60 donuts.


Too much karaoke as a kid…

And on the music front, things have been pretty hectic. This past week, I had a wonderful time going to a House Filk! I made a promise to my friend Jane that I would play a song for her, Magnus Retail. It was hard. The original has these arpeggios that I can’t do without practicing. Oh well, I did have fun playing it with her, and I got a chance to sing “Give All To Ya

And what’s happening this weekend? Well, my fam is going away, so I’m doing some board gaming with Debbie Ohi and company. They bought some new games (7 wonders) so I’m quite excited about that. 😀

Then on saturday, Joel D. Canfield is coming to visit me, and I’ve invited some folks over to a house concert. Huzzah! Joel is doing some whirlwind road trip across North America and he’s able to stop by and say hello!


No better example of Art for Art’s sake

My wife and I have taken up a painting class down at Maple Cottage. This is all sorts of awesome because I’ve always wanted to paint and I have these dreams of painting huge AT-ATs in the snow. Seriously, I do. But for now, I have settled for painting trees in the forest. Look, my first painting!

Title: Some Trees & Stuff


Because the First one isn’t busy enough…

And finally, I have joined Second Life. Of course, my SL persona is the exact same one as my First Life persona, but that’s because I like being me. 😀 Of course, when I log on, I don’t really do anything because I’m too busy working. So lately, it’s just been one glorified chat client.

That’s me sitting at Inkygirl’s feet. She’s the one that introduced me to it and gave me stuff! Huzzah!

And that’s my life and why people haven’t really been seeing me all that much. Work is busy, personal work is busy, and fun times are busy. And now, Ekko is sick so she’s at home and she’s whining about her homework.

Don’t worry Nano Novel. I’ll see you soon…

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