Neil Gaiman Tweeted Me

I rarely update this blog. One reason is that Debs and Errol keeps me busy, and I’m doing Nanowrimo. But there comes a time in every geek’s life that they have to ALL-CAPS from their keyboards…

One of the things I am doing is the daily NaNoToons for Nanowrimo, and one of those comics, Neil Gaiman Tweeted:

These things take me longer to make than Debs and Errol cartoons.

Funny thing about this cartoon, I was going to go with an author that was mainstream and I figured people in Nanowrimo would know. However, I couldn’t think whom to choose and I thought, “Whatever, I’ll just choose one of my favourite authors.” The comic itself was made… oh… a few weeks ago.

And then I got this in Twitter which I didn’t notice until 9pm:

I immediately started searching...

You should have seen how excited I was. I mean, I gchatted as many geek friends I knew, which were four at the time! UGH! I COULD ONLY INFORM FOUR PEOPLE! And it took all my will not to hit the shift key as I was typing. Look, you can see me gushing in this screencap I made especially for you.

Be happy you were not on at the time. I would have gushed at you.

Sadly, people in my house do not know who Neil Gaiman is, and if you don’t, I’m not going to bother explaining to you because you think I’m silly with all my fan boy squeeing. But my friend Debbie Ohi blogged about it, and I thought, “Heck, I should too!”

A few of you out there understand me.

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  1. If it makes you feel any better, you actually informed FIVE people – my mother was at my place and was suitably impressed/excited/amused at your brush with fame… even if it did keep interrupting our movie 😛

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