Big sister

Today is Thursday which means it is one of your favourite days of the week.  First off we had music class.  We sang your song about pussy willows and we got to do husha-husha we all fall down!  It was quite exciting.  You were so happy that for one of the songs you actually went and sat on the teacher’s lap.  I’m glad you love music so much.  Then we had lunch with Alana, Emma and Arima.  (And Auntie Hiroko and Aunt Wanda.)  That was fun too.  You and Lani sure like pepperoni!

The second exciting part of the day was going to mommy’s doctor’s appointment.  You stood on the stool beside the examining table and helped the doctor check on our little baby.  First you helped her squeeze the gel on mommy’s tummy.  Then you turned on the ultrasound to hear the baby’s heartbeat.  The doctor got you to talk to the baby and tell it that you are Ekko and going to be it’s big sister.  Then you helped her feel mommy’s tummy to finish off.  You were such a good helper that the doctor gave you a lollipop for helping.  It was great seeing how excited you were about hearing and talking to the little baby.  You are going to be a wonderful big sister.

Now you are asleep because we wore you out.  You fell asleep on the subway my poor little monkey.  Sleep well beauty.  Remember Mommy loves you.