Dear Ekko

First Loose Tooth

First Loose Tooth

My darling little girl, you have been itching for ages to have a loose tooth. I think ever since your birthday a couple years ago when Auntie Garfus gave you that book with the story of a girl who lost her first tooth. Many of your school friends have lost teeth and you have asked me repeatedly when you would.Well,… Read more →

Grade 1

Well beauty, it’s been a week. A week of Grade 1, can you believe it? We were wondering how you would do, it being a full day and all. Back in kindergarten, half day, it was a stretch for you. You would come home exhausted, but as the years went on you got stronger and stronger. Dove put you in… Read more →

Busy little girl

Dearest growing girl, my big little beauty is a precious one.  You are growing so fast.  Last week Daddy and I got to sit in on your class at school for an afternoon.  It was fun to watch you interact with your friends.  You and Sophie talk way too much but the teacher seems to be able to handle you. … Read more →


Last night Ekko was trying very hard to learn how to skip. It wasn’t working very well and she was getting very frustrated. I tried to explain that everybody learns different things at different rates. So just because her friends at school might be able to skip better than she can doesn’t mean she’s dumb. I went on to explain… Read more →

Ekbo my love

Hey my Ekbo, I love you my big five year old. This week you started gymnastics at school. The relief is incredible. Gym has been all about balls for the past two months and you have truly hated most of it. I have never seen you be so unhappy about school before. Somehow this ball business has made every gym… Read more →

Girls of mine

Daddy came home today (he was away for work for four whole days!)!  I don’t know how single parents survive. Wow it is tiring being alone. You guys have both been sick this week. Zoe has strept throat and is on an antibiotic. She hates it. But at least she is started to feel better. It was pretty sad when… Read more →

Wild Hair Day

So there’s this danceathon at your school, Ekko, on Thursday, Feb 1st.  The theme was ‘Wild Hair’, and you had to collect money. We don’t have any rich friends, nor do we have a community of people we can easily leach off of and feel good about ourselves afterwards, so we skipped on the whole ‘money collection’ part, but you… Read more →

My girls are gorgeous

Ya, I don’t have anything really to say, except Keren took this picture of the girls in Calgary as they were sleeping. They were locked in this cute (albeit uncomfortable looking) embrace. They sure love each other. And they love to tattle on each other as well. We have this snuffer, which unscrews, and Zoe unscrewed it. Ekko starts yelling,… Read more →