Ekko’s description of her coat of arms. May her self-esteem always be so good

Ekko’s medieval project was to make a coat of arms. Although I do not have a pic of that, yet, I will post her description because it makes me proud to be her father.

This is my shield. I first carefully picked out the designs. The first one was the cat. I choose the cat because I have a lot of freedom in my life and I pay attention to a lot of things in the world around me. The second symbol I chose, was the file. The file means you are the oldest. I am the oldest child in my family. I have a younger sister named Zoe. The third symbol I chose was the sun. The sun represents glory and magnificence. Glorious means delightful and wonderful, and that is how I feel about my life. It is delightful and wonderful. The fourth symbol I chose was the rose. I chose it because it because it means beautiful. I am beautiful and I am an artist so I notice beauty. The fifth symbol I chose was the mermaid. I chose the mermaid because I am able to speak well and very clearly in front of people (unless I’ve never met them before but I only talk quietly). The mermaid is a symbol known for being able to speak clearly and expressively. My last symbol is the scythe. A scythe is a thing that farmers use to cut down wheat or other grain. A scythe represents hope, for example hope for a good harvest. When something is not going well, I try to cheer myself up with something else. I hope that it will be fun or better than it looks. I chose the colours blue and green because of their meaning. Green means hope, loyalty and joy. Blue means truth and loyalty. These descriptions are words that describe me. I am loyal to my friends and family. I am truthful. Most of the time I am joyful. When something is disappointing I try to find something different to be happy about.

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  1. Its moments like these Errol that remind us we did a good job as a parent. :o) Great work Ekko :o)

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