Errol’s 40th Birthday Variety Show

I am having a Birthday Concert Variety Show on June 18th! If you can come, come! Here’s the facebook event!

Anyway, I am putting up the roster here for the show because I needed a place to put it. Darn good thing no one checks this website.

15 Anchorboat Cave (Erin and Sam)
15 The Magnificent Colin! (Colin Bartlett)
05 Rachel and Daniel Wong
15 Ward and Cid (Adam Ward & Co.)
05 Ekko Loves her father (Ekko)
15 Debs & Errol

——- 5 Minute intermission… maybe—–

15 Stick in a Bucket (Sue Lyndon & Co)
15 Midwife (Dion and Jacob)
15 Adam Hill
15 Cursing the Fall (Carlos & Co.)
15 Argument Sketch (Mark and Errol)

——- 5 Minute intermission… maybe—–

10 Walrus March (Negasi)
05 Keith Bundock
05 Vix & Errol
05 Marvel at Matt (Matt Pollishuke)
10 Out Focused (Danny & Co.)
15 Debs & Errol