Google Hangout Concert with Debs and Errol

Are you a geek? Do you like music? Do you like to laugh at people? Mostly me? Debs and Errol are doing a GOOGLE HANGOUT CONCERT on Saturday! We’re calling it the


Well… I’m calling it that. I don’t think Debs is calling it that. We are doing THREE mini-concerts for 20 minutes each! You can come in, hang out, listen, request songs we know, ask questions!

Remember, only 10 people can be in a hangout at once, so this gives you THREE chances to get in! HUZZAH!

Saturday July 23rd
1st Mini Concert: 3:00pm EST
2nd Mini Concert: 3:30pm EST
3rd Mini Concert: 4:00pm EST

WARNING: This music is GEEKY. VERY GEEKY. When we perform at improv shows, a lot of people do not understand us. But that’s ok, I’m used to that. At least Debs sings nicely. 😀