Girls of mine

Daddy came home today (he was away for work for four whole days!)!  I don’t know how single parents survive. Wow it is tiring being alone. You guys have both been sick this week. Zoe has strept throat and is on an antibiotic. She hates it. But at least she is started to feel better. It was pretty sad when all my sunshine girl would do is lean her head against things and whimper until she fell asleep.

Ekko went to church this morning with Megan and Ethan (and their parents). When she came home the most exciting piece of news that she could tell me was that Andrew (Megan and Ethan’s dad) actually drives their van. I have to add that you really emphasized the word ‘actually’. Pretty exciting. We are messing our girls up I think by having me drive all the time!

Cinderella is definitely a hot topic these days. Zoe loves the movie. Ekko loves playing princess. Yesterday Marion came over and spent a whole chunk of time with Ekko playing princess. You made crowns and wands and all sorts of stuff. I think it was a great relief to you as you had been getting mighty bored with Zoe being sick and Mommy taking care of Zoe.

One of the cool parts of this sick time/daddy gone time, was that we spent a bunch of time playing games and reading. We played the German games that Sara gave you. You usually enjoy them but this time you actually got the rules and played well! It was great fun. The most exciting part for you I think was reading Pippi Longstocking. Zoe would like flaked out and Ekko would sit with rapt attention. Ekko is in love with Pippi and can hardly wait until we get a chance to read the next chapter!

I’m too tired to remember anything else now. I’m so happy Daddy is home. He’s in your room sitting with you guys till you fall asleep. Zoe fell asleep in about 2 minutes. Ekko is awake because she’s so happy that Daddy is home.

Oh I love you dearly. What a beautiful pair. Good night. – Mommy

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  1. I hope you all get well soon!

    And it’s great, Ekko, that you love Pippi! When I was a kid I really, really wanted freckles and red hair just because Pippi had them. She’s a nice counterbalance to princesses… 😉 Somehow Astrid Lindgren is not that popular in the English speaking world. There are some of her books that Ekko and Zoe would really like that in know of in German. But I’m not sure you can get English translations.

    Oh, and I read “Enchantress”! I liked it! And I’m looking forward to the next one in the series. Hopefully it’ll be full of romance, cause that’s waht Errol does best! 😉

    Lots of love, as always, from Switzerland!

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