Busy little girl

Dearest growing girl, my big little beauty is a precious one.  You are growing so fast.  Last week Daddy and I got to sit in on your class at school for an afternoon.  It was fun to watch you interact with your friends.  You and Sophie talk way too much but the teacher seems to be able to handle you.  You were thrilled beyond measure when Sophie invited you for a play date for last Friday’s PA day.  What a delightful day for my girl!
On Saturday we went to Bruce Mills for the maple syrup festival.  Both of my girls were delighted by the horses and ponies.  When we went to get on the wagon for the horse/wagon ride, you managed to get yourself right up at the front by the driver.  He actually remembered you from last year and started talking to me about you.  He was impressed with your love of horses.  You were very sweet with James too.  I think you love mothering all the younger kids around.

On Sunday we celebrated Palm Sunday at church and by Monday you were asking when we could have another Palm Sunday.  The whole palm branch waving and parade thingy really made you happy.  It is good to see you enjoy church so much.

You have been playing super well with Zoe these days too.  It is neat how you take turns with being ‘the mommy and the baby” or the dog and owner or…  You guys really enjoy yourselves together.  Many days when you go off to school, Zoe begs that it please be March break again so you can stay home.

Today you started skating lessons.  It was hard work and you were pooched by the end but you loved it so much.  A couple of times you turned around on the rink and gave me the thumbs up sign.

I love you precious dove.  You are such a tender sweet thing.  I want you to always be as sweet as you are now. – Love, Mommy

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  1. Oh, Ekko! Stories about you really make my day!!! And way to go with the skating! I had lessons too, when I lived in Toronto. It’s just so much fun being on the ice.

    I’m sad that I miss so much of you growing up, but your parents are doing a great job in spreading the joy of you and your sister!

    Take care, you! ANd lots of love,

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