Ekbo my love

Hey my Ekbo, I love you my big five year old. This week you started gymnastics at school. The relief is incredible. Gym has been all about balls for the past two months and you have truly hated most of it. I have never seen you be so unhappy about school before. Somehow this ball business has made every gym day a bit of a trial for you. But gymnastics is good. I bought you a new bodysuit to wear and you are thrilled. The most exciting thing that you said today after gym was that nobody laughed at you. You hate it when anybody laughs at you. Poor little girlie. Too much like your mom sometimes!

You really love your new sitter. It is good how well that worked out. One of the things you like is that she watches other kids too. You sure like being with other kids. Last week we had Megan and Ethan (and their parents) over for dinner. You were so very happy. You and Megan played mermaid princesses most of the evening. It is great to see you having such a good time with friends.

You are getting much stronger. In the last few weeks you have learned to walk to and from school. Most days you do it just fine. I’m super proud of you. It is a good walk, especially with snow pants and boots on.

Games are making you behave a lot like daddy. I ask you what you would like to do for Friday night and you shout with glee “let’s have a games night”. This week you were so excited when we came home to find a parcel from Sara on our porch. There was a new game (and a well loved pig calender) in the box for you. Zoe’s puzzle has been done a lot because it didn’t require waiting for daddy to come home from work to figure out the rules. You helped Zoe do it, over and over while you kept dying to start trying out your new game. Sara sure knows how to pick good presents! Zoe by the way, is totally capable of doing the puzzle on her own and loves it. She just also loves to have somebody play with her. (THANK YOU SARA!)

My precious long girl (you like it when people think you are long/tall. In fact it was the only way I could get you to wear something besides a skirt was to tell you that your jeans made you look so tall. Then thankfully somebody at school told you the same thing. Now you love your jeans.), I hope you have sweet dreams tonight. You are a beautiful little angel heart. – Mommy

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  1. Hey, Ekko!

    I can imagine you hating balls… When I was a kid, I wasn’t very good with that stuff eitehr (and I’m still not able to play Squash!). But one thing to learn is that you can’t be good at everything. It’s still mean when the other kids laugh, though. I bet there’s tons of stuff they’re not so good with either…

    I’m glad you all enjoyed the parcel! I had all the things sitting around for a while now. There’s a seriously great toy store in town in Basel. I wish you guys could come and visit that with me! They even have their kids books (unfortunately in German…) sorted by subject (like books about different sorts of animals, all listed by animal, books about potty training, relationships, etc.) When I looked for one of these boxes with magical tricks in for another kid’s birthday present, they didn’t have just one or two, as most toy stores do, no, they had about 8 or so from different companies and with different content plus several books on the subject as well! It’s in the old town of Basel and they have all their stiff cramped into tight space, but it’s just such a wonderful toy store!

    Take care, all of you! And lots of love from Switzerland, as always!

  2. I’m glad you are having fun in gym now my Ekko. I’m not very good with balls either and I don’t like to be laughed at.

    You are growing up to be such a strong and beautiful girl and I love you so much my princess! You are beautiful my love.

    Love, Auntie

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