First Loose Tooth

Ekko Tooth Missing

My darling little girl, you have been itching for ages to have a loose tooth. I think ever since your birthday a couple years ago when Auntie Garfus gave you that book with the story of a girl who lost her first tooth. Many of your school friends have lost teeth and you have asked me repeatedly when you would.Well, it finally happened! First day back to school after Christmas holidays and you were excited. I went to pick you up at Lena’s house after work, and you showed me a wiggly tooth. It was crooked in the bottom of your mouth and a little bloodied. You said it felt weird. When I told you it was loose, you danced with glee. Everybody at Lena’s got a glimpse of your wiggly tooth! In the process of showing it off and pushing it around with your tongue, the tooth actually came right out. You were so happy, so delighted. You danced and shrieked with glee. Melissa helped you stick some Kleenex in the hole to stop the bleeding and you did the tour of the house again with the tooth in your hand.

All the way home from Lena’s you walked with your shoulders straight. You discussed things like adult teeth, and tooth fairies. You giggled and danced, and never once asked to be carried. When we got home, you called Auntie Becky to tell her the dramatic news. You gave her blow by blow accounts of the event, and included all sorts of details like which finger was the right size to fit into the hole. You were precious (and on the phone for nearly half an hour).

After you were in bed, you called me back to ask if the tooth fairy was real. When I said it was real if you wanted it to be real, you said “so it isn’t. It’s like Santa Claus.” But this morning you were very thrilled to discover the tooth fairy had left a little treasure for you under your pillow. I heard you shriek in a half awake way nearly half an hour before you normally wake up as you discovered the tooth was missing from under your pillow. You said “it moved. It’s not here. There’s money and a tomato. She’s been here!!!” (there was no tomato. I left you a little orange because you told me the tooth fairy now is apparently leaving money and a healthy snack.) Zoe is dying to have a tooth come out. She’s so enamoured by how happy you are!

At school today you decided not to tell anyone but to see if anybody noticed. Your little mouth is so full of teeth, and this is a tiny spot on the bottom. But you spent the day smiling fiercely to show off that hole. Other parents were commenting to me how happy you were as you were so smiley today! Oh my precious girl. It is so wonderful to be your mom and share your boundless joy. I love how full of joy and wonder you are.

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