Grade 1

Well beauty, it’s been a week. A week of Grade 1, can you believe it? We were wondering how you would do, it being a full day and all.

Back in kindergarten, half day, it was a stretch for you. You would come home exhausted, but as the years went on you got stronger and stronger. Dove put you in Dance camp in August, and you did marvelous.

And now, you seem to be doing fine with Grade 1, despite the fact you have gym four days out of the five and mom had to look into getting you new clothes because you cannot wear skirts (because we can’t trust those boys who like to look up dresses) and that’s ALL you like to wear. Fortunately, the Fawcetts gave us some hand-me-downs which will save our pocketbooks.

Of course, when I ask you about Grade 1, you can’t remember anything. I asked your friend David if he liked it, and he was happy about Pizza Day. Pizza Day isn’t happening until September 25th, but he’s pretty excited about it.

Zoe is now 3, and you, already in Grade 1. My children are growing up and life is going by so fast.

You’re a meat child. You love meat. Your favourite restaurant is Korean Barbecue now. Everytime we go, all you do is eat short ribs. You always want to eat steak. That’s my girl. 🙂

Dove has been trying to find some ballet class to put you in because she accidentally booked you for a class in January….an intermediate class no less. Of course, there isn’t available classes now, and she was going to try and find some martial arts class to put you in. But, I think she couldn’t find anything, so we’ll stick to the piano lessons that the school is offering. Good thing we live in Toronto, I don’t know if I could afford all these extra-curricular activities.

Well, it’s been a long time since anyone has posted on the website, so I figured I may as well. Mommy is addicted to Facebook, so she’s on there all the time. I don’t know what’s she’s doing on there.

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  1. Hey! That’s neat having the little stories again! I missed those updates so much. And facebook just isn’t the same…

    DO keep the website updated!

    And, Ekko, I’m so glad you’re doing well with school and all. Did you get a proper “Schultüte” for starting school? ( defines that as “large cornet of cardboard filled with sweets and little presents given to children in Germany on their first day at school”)??? And I’d love to see you do ballett!!!

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