Good Grief & Biking

Over 400 hits.  We have over four hundred hits to this site, and it’s because YOU, my dear readers, want to read things that I didn’t write.  You want to read the letters that Dove writes!  She doesn’t believe me, and I still get on her case from time to time, so don’t worry, I will get her to write a letter tomorrow.  She’s sleeping, because she’s tired.

Heck, I’m tired.  I rode my bike to work.

The first time in history!  I have some sorta health conscience nagging at me, and I rode my bike to work.  Well, it’s not my bike, I borrowed it off of Anna, who kindly lent it to me.

My butt hurts.

Bike seats are hard.  And I’m out of shape so I can barely walk up stairs now.

But I rode my bike to work.

If this information has stunned you, sit back and let it sink in.  This letter isn’t going anywhere.

In the meantime, I’m trying to get the stupid comics working.  I just can’t, that’s the problem.  But I will.  And then I can put comics up.