Day two for daddy’s biking

Day two and Daddy rode his bike to work again.  WOW!  We are proud of Daddy. 

Daddy has been bugging Mommy to write another letter.  This is a busy week for us.  Today we are going to the zoo with Uncle Paul.  Tomorrow we are going to St Jacob’s with Marion.  Thursday is music class.  Friday you have a reassessment with your speech therapist.  By Saturday I know you are going to wake up and cry “stay home today mommy”.  But meanwhile, we will have fun.

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  You have memorized some of your books and like to quote them.  It was quite funny when I mentioned that it was so lovely outside.   Immediately you said “my goodness, it’s a lovely day.  Pooh and his friends go out to play.  Eeyore looks up at the sunny sky.  No sign of rain don’t ask me why.”  And then you laughed because you knew it was funny!  You also told me that you like to laugh.  I like to hear you laugh my dolly.

You took your baby Harvey for a walk down the sidewalk in his little stroller yesterday and showed him to Buddy (the dog).  Mrs Kay (the owner) was so impressed with what a big girl you are becoming. 

On Sunday morning when Mommy and Daddy were getting ready for church you were pretending to be asleep and too tired to wake up.  As we were chatting, Daddy asked me if anything fun had happened the night before (Daddy was away at Uncle Sen’s).  I told him that our bird had laid another egg.  That was too much for you to pretend sleeping through.  Suddenly a very excited voice came out from the pillows exclaiming “tiny one daddy, and held it in Ekko’s hand”.  You silly cutie.  You had been awake all the time!

Well my little beauty,  I think I’m going to go back to bed and nap a little more with you.  I don’t want to be too tired at the zoo.  I’ll have to write more later after we go to see the giraffes.  That is what you keep telling me you want to see.

Love you lots, Mommy

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  1. Wow your daddy rode his bike to work…Im surprised he made it. I guess your getting him into better shape…with all your running around and getting him to carry you everywhere. You are such a cutie Ekko!

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