Daddy told me to write again!

Hey dolly.  We had a great day at the zoo yesterday.  It rained so we were a bit damp but boy it was fun.  Hardly anybody else was there so we got to see a lot of neat animals.  It’s fun watching you get so excited.  At one point you were playing peek-a-boo with a monkey.  He would take a towel and wrap it around his head.  You would yell “where are you monkey” and he’d take the towel off.  You would laugh and he’d do it all again.  It was great seeing you so happy. 

There was a baby hippo that thrilled you.  You talked away to it and had a grand old time.  The giraffes were a hit as well.  There were four of them so you decided it was a mommy, daddy, baby and auntie.  We also got to see the Siberian tigers.  You were roaring away like a fiend.  Uncle Dan would be proud after him teaching you how to roar last fall.

Everything was amazing to you.  It made mommy and Uncle Paul’s day just watching you be so excited.  Other people should take you to the zoo if they think it is boring.  They couldn’t be bored with your enthusiasm.  Most of the way through the zoo you ran and refused the stroller.  You couldn’t wait to “see aminals!”

I’m so glad we can have fun together (even though today we are tired girls).  Love you beauty. – Mommy