Ralph Murphy Lecture – How to be Successful at Songwriting

Direct link to site: The Center for Music and Arts Entrepeneurship

Charlie Cheney directed me to this video on the FAWM.org site. I find this a fascinating talk on how to be successful at songwriting.

When I read books, articles, blogs on creativity, I sometimes get disheartened because the main focus is on how that will improve your business. But I’m not in a business I need to improve. I want to express my creativity. I want to improve it. I find it fun and exciting to participate in it.

Having said that, I still find it interesting to read and I find this video presentation very interesting to watch! It’s fun to see how it’s done on the inside. Maybe years from now, when I decide I want to take up a career in song writing, I will listen to his formula more closely. But until then, I’ll write my songs about AT-ATs and narwhals and stuff the majority of people aren’t interested in.  😀