My sweet pea

Daddy has changed the website after months of bugging Mommy to write letters to you.  Mommy isn’t as good with computers as Daddy is so he had to make something easy for me. 

 What fun girl you are to hang out with.  Last night when I got home from work, you came running to the door very excitedly.  You asked “what doing Mommy, working?’  And I said yes.  So you asked “was it good?”  What a sweet pea.  You always make Mommy happy.

Yesterday when we were playing outside in the snow, you were having so much fun eating it.  I started laughing and said “I love you Ekko”.  You turned around with a big grin and a handful of snow saying “Eat snow too Mommy.  I love you.”  In so many ways you are like your daddy but I am glad that you like to play outside too.

One of your favourite indoor activities these days is hunting through photo albums for pictures of your cousin Abi.  For some reason you really like looking for Abigail.  You sit there singing “where oh where is Abi” until you find a picture and then you squeal with glee about it!

Last night you went out for pho with Daddy, Pooks, and Ben.  You really like having Pooks staying at our house.  It is almost like my little girl has her first crush.  You are constantly asking “wonder what Jesse doing downstairs”. 

That’s all I can think of for now.  Mommy will write more again.  For now you are sleeping so I hope you have sweet dreams. 

Love you lots – Mommy