Site updates

Well, made a bunch of changes to the website.

Having mambo handle the photo gallery now, so that means the thumbnails work better, and you, the reader, can comment and rank the photos to your hearts content.  I will probably be a bit more diligent in taking photos off, BUT, the higher ranked photos, or ones with comments, I’ll keep alive.  🙂

And I was trying to get the forum imported, but it didn’t work.  Didn’t work at all in fact.  So now there is no forum, and I’m debating whether or not to put one in for that matter.  I’ll just put up another poll, just because I can.

Switched the template around too, make it a bit more modular, and allow it to expand to the right when there aren’t any modules.  What fun!

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  1. Hi there, Ekko!
    I don’t know how this all works and I’m on a slow phone connection, but I’d like to say hi to you, cutie! I miss you so much. Are you still playing Play-doh?

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