Praise Night & Updates

Well, I wanted to have random pics from the gallery pop up on the front page, and unfortunately, there wasn’t a module written for it (to let you guys know, you can add modules and components which extend the functionality of your website, which is why I have all this junk on the front page).

Anyways, I was so wanting a random pic displayer that I made a module, which wasn’t too hard!  What fun, this CMS is amazing.  Hmmm, I should look into putting footnotes in again.

Anyways, last Friday, we had a trial run of our April 17th praise night at Raymond’s church and he posted pictures: Praise night pics.  Good grief, that is a lot more pictures at one evening event than I normally take during a whole month.  Well, ok, not true.  If the event included Ekko, I would take pictures.  Anyways, it was held at the Simpsons Alliance Church, and we didn’t suck, so that was good.  We were missing a singer, and our awsome drummer, but things worked out!  Thanks God!