I love my girl!

You are so tired today.  Yesterday was Sunday and for some reason you were wound up.  No getting you to nap!  Even after Daddy held you in bed and made you cry.  As soon as we let you up, who did you want to sit with?  Daddy!  You love your Daddy so much.  Anyway, today you are tired and sleeping galore to make up for yesterday.

This morning we were praying, and prayed for our friend Al who is sick.  You decided we should make “feel better Al letters” and then take them over to his house.  So we did.  I hope they make Al feel better.  It was very thoughtful of you.

On Friday we had a very fun day.  We walked over to Tim Horton’s and met Uncle Aldo and Auntie Becky for lunch.  You and Uncle Aldo were drawing on your magnadoodle thingy (you call it your thingy-bingy).  After wearing out our welcome there, we headed off to the park.  It was our first visit this spring.  With strawberries in hand we walked up to the slides.  Oh the bliss on your face.  It didn’t take long until you were headed down the big slide all by yourself.  That’s a first for you!  And when I tried to go with you, you would say “go away Mommy.  Wait at bottom.”  What a blast.  For supper Marion came over.  That made  you happy too.  And we went to 88 for pho.  By the time we got home it was time to read a couple of books and go to bed.  As I tucked you in for the night you said “thank you Mommy for nice day”.  I’m so glad you had a nice day my little love.

Your Abigail fascination has continued.  I caught you trying to sneak a picture into bed with you.  You had stolen it out of the photo album and taken it upstairs.  When I asked you about it, you told me that you wanted “friend Abi to sleep with me”.

I do love you so!  – Love, Mommy


3 Replies to “I love my girl!”

  1. Ekko’s so sweet
    What a cutie! Why am I writing a comment, considering I can write an entry? :eek

  2. from the gooding girls in CA
    :grin we think you’re funny, ekko

    love you!

    From ABIGAIL, Sally, Emily, and Anne

  3. hi ekko!
    This is abigail by herself now and i think you are the cutest 2 year old ever(especially whenyou do stuff that has to do with me!)
    I love you, ekko!

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