Daddy Loves Ekko

Well, this is my first letter on the new system beauty!  Mommy is upstairs trying to put you to sleep, but I think you’re too excited.  You’re always excited.

Anyways, I just wanted to update something that mommy told me.  See, even when I do write, it’s something that mommy tells me, which is why it’s always good for mommy to write!

I was at work, and mommy was getting ready to go, so she shut the computer off.  Then you came to the computer, pulled up the chair and sat on it, and started banging on the keys, saying that your telling daddy that you love me!  You watch mommy on MSN too much!  Daddy loves you too!

I love it when you spontaneously tell me that you love me.  In fact, I almost have you completely trained.  I say, “Do you remember what Daddy tells you?”  and you say, (sometimes), “Daddy loves me!”.  And then we cheer, because Daddy certainly does love you.

And mommy’s right, you sure like to laugh and giggle to yourself.  You tell all sorts of jokes, and then you laugh to yourself.  You’re the best cutie. 

Remember, Daddy loves you!

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  1. Hurray!
    Hurray! Hurray! HUrray!

    All sorts of cutie Ekko stuff!!! I miss her so much, and it’s great to read about her! Take care, my little cutie!

    I mss you guys… But I do like my new job! Except for that one colleague that keeps putting power balances on my desk as a token of affection… He didn’t do that for the guy who did the job before me… I should start sending emails to Marion.

    I hope I’ll see you at some stage, all of you! This weekend the plan is to get yarn for the jacket for the new baby.
    Take care! Lots of love!

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