Do you remember?

Hah!  I asked you again this morning, “Do you remember what Daddy wants you to remember?” and you said, “Daddy loves me!” and then we all laughed and cheered!

You’re the best, Ekko.  We went for Mandarin last night, and you ate shrimp like a fiend.  I taught you how to throw jello into mommy’s mouth.  You tried to throw it into mine, but the whole kinetics of throwing is still kinda lost on you.

This morning, I woke you up early, poor girl.  But then we plopped in front of the computer and played some Dora games!  You enjoyed that!  Then when mommy and you were driving me to work, you were singing quietly to yourself.  Well, not quietly.  It’s so fun watching you grow up!

Mommy has a whole SLEW of stories to tell about you, so hopefully she’ll write something today or tomorrow! 

But there was one thing that mommy told me that was funny.  You told Marion, “Daddy’s beauty funny!” and you were laughing.  Marion was sorta laughing, because she though you were being sarcastic, saying I was funny looking.  But mommy explained how my name for you is Beauty.  *sigh*  Everyone thinks I’m funny looking.  🙂

I love you beauty, and remember what Daddy wants you to remember!