Table Tents

Mommy can be very creative. She made a tent under the table, and there’s something about mini-abodes that children find fascinating. Now, if only we could put locks on them and keep you kids inside for and indefinite amount of time, parents would find them fascinating too. 😀

Thursdays is our special day, because Mommy goes off to work, and Daddy takes care of the kids.  We usually eat supper together, and then we call Auntie Leezet, or Lola and Lolo.  Mommy had made your tent, so we ate popcorn, you guys played in your tent, and I harassed Auntie Leezet on the phone.

And then, after supper, we play “Slide”.  That’s when daddy takes the spongy mats used for DDR and places them on the floor, then we take all the cushions from the couch, lean them against the couch, and you roll down them as we yell out “SLIDE!”  I have it on video somewhere, and I’m pretty sure by the time you have children, this will be considered unsafe for kids to do.

That is usually our thursday itinerary, but the table tent was a bonus.

Currently, it’s Saturday, but I didn’t have time to write about thursday until today.  I have no idea what’s happening today for Saturday.  I hope it’s mostly napping.