Pho Phun – A Long and Sordid Tale

Last Saturday, we went for Pho. Now, as I’ve said, we’ve been trying to be a bit more frugal as of late, and so we don’t go out to eat as much.

However, Ra Ra was home, and we felt like we should go for Pho. Now, Ra Ra being home is important, but there is a long and sordid tale which I don’t think has yet been explained to the masses, and it all started back in the summer when I had a business trip to Washington.

I think. I can’t remember the details actually, I think it was that trip. Keren also went up to Echo bay and so there was a period of time when I was home alone. This isn’t that big of a problem, it’s just that I had no food in the house. At least no food I could cook with any degree of competency, I think we ran out of eggs at the time. And I didn’t have any Rice Dream to go with PB sandwhiches, there wasn’t any broccoli around, so I needed to go out.

So mom and you kids went to Echo Bay, and I was home alone and hungry, so, I went out for Pho with Ra Ra.

This was all well and good, I got to bug her about her many boys for an hour, as well as get some theological discussions in, and then I had to leave for my business trip the next day.

Mommy and you kids came home with Auntie and you went out for Pho on Sunday. I think the waiter was a bit…concerned…because he was asking mommy how she was doing, and if she was ok. She didn’t really understand what the big deal was, until I told her that I went out with Ra Ra for pho as well!

Now as we all know, mommy completely trusts daddy because she knows I couldn’t attract a girl no more than I can display tact, and you kids know I’m more interested in my gameboy anyways, but the poor waiter didn’t know that!

So, we had to go for pho on Saturday so that the general Vietnamese community would know that all is well in the Elumir household.

I would be happy to continue to go for pho if it paints us in a good light. So if anyone wants to treat the Elumirs for pho, we’re open to handouts…I have no shame. *laugh*

In the end, the moral of the story is: Mixed kids are cute. Just look at that darling face!

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  1. Oh, you took down all the information! And I think I’ve met her. I just didn’t know that you call her Ra Ra. And I still don’t know what an Apologist does…

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